I’ve always had the mindset that movies (some!)  teach truth, speak volumes, and nearly always have relatable spiritual applications. (Not ALL movies ? , I’m not talking about Transformers or Little Mermaid, I’m talking about those that are layered and thought provoking- Lion King, (the prodigal son in Simba) and Star Wars (battling the “dark side” and not knowing who you REALLY are), The Last Samurai (true commitment and honor) and a plethora of others—-among which (for me) The Greatest Showman now ranks. 

Pursuit of our highest dreams. 

Not getting distracted. 

Empathy for those that are ‘unusual’

Kindness, Compassion.

So many deep layers when time is taken to ponder on it. So much more than just a “circus movie”. 

I mean- obviously the songs resonated with millions due to all the downloads. My sons fiancé is an aerial acrobat and she said that that was the only soundtrack ? EVERYONE listened to during rehearsals and backstage. (Ad nauseam) 🙂 

But there’s good reason. One of the strongest moments came when all the “outcasts” LED out with the song: THIS IS ME. 

Enough was enough. 

The time had come. 

They had hidden themselves. 

They had been cast aside. 

They were treated differently. 

And then? 

They tapped into THEIR inner self. THEIR divine potential. They came to the realization that “this was me” and lo and behold…it IS enough. 

And it IS. 

No matter our handicap, no matter our internal or external ‘disfigurement’. No matter others perceptions or comments or criticism the one thing others CANNOT TAKE AWAY (as Viktor Frankl states so beautifully) is “our freedom of choice. Our god-given right to choose our attitude in ANY given situation”. 

And this is what our beautiful circus performers finally land upon (spoiler alert) by the end of the film. 

They have freedom to choose. They are not a commodity. They are HUMANITY. 

For those NOT familiar with the song: google The Greatest Showman soundtrack and just ‘sample’ (free!!) some of the music. You can hear in the depths of the music exactly what each character is going through. Their personal journey of Learning who they are and who they absolutely will NOT allow themselves to become or who to continue to BE any longer. 

It’s beautiful. 

It’s empowering. 

It’s US. 

As we identify the “this is me” in each of us, accept and authentically live into it- we find we’ve truly begun to master the art of surrender. We no longer worry what others think. We no longer ‘fake’ our way through life. We begin to live AUTHENTICALLY. True to ourselves and all their glory. 

We are real. We have dreams to share and light within that the world needs to see. We cannot let it remain hidden. That is NOT Gods plan. Nor should it be ours. 

So go write this on a post it and stick it to your mirror or fridge or wherever you will see it frequently: ITS MY TIME 

And it IS. It’s your time to shine. It’s your time to tap IN. It’s your time to surrender ALL the baggage and BE REAL. 

It’s your time my friend. 

(This Is Me first two verse lyrics): 

I’ve always been the kind of girl who hid my face

So afraid to tell the world what I’ve got to say. 

But I have this dream right inside of me,

I’m gonna let it show, its time to let you know. 

This is real. 

This is me.  

This is exactly where I’m supposed to be now, gonna let the light shine through me, I’ve found out who I am—

There’s no way to hold

It in, no more hiding who I am…


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Our director in the Philippines, Lani, came to live in India for 4 weeks to continue to assist the women in Barathapuram in their jewelry-making skills. I was with her