• I LOVED that it focused me! IT brought me back to fundamentals, strategies and techniques that I can actually implement daily.

    Kyle Business Owner
  • At first I was nervous to use a coach- I’m only 22. I thought for sure it would be too much overwhelm because of all the things I felt I was doing wrong in my life. But after the first 3 sessions what I’ve realized is she never overwhelms me. I get just enough that I feel I can work through it till our next session. Some weeks it’s 2-3 things. Sometimes it’s just one, but that one is a doozy! I like how she keeps it real, it’s like she can sense when to give me bite sized chunks and when to give me the whole enchilada!

    Z.K. Assistant Manager
  • She’s raw. She’s real. She’s genuine. Bonus? She makes me laugh. Through my one on one sessions I come away realizing life IS good, I AM making progress. It’s like peeling away the onion layers. Every call goes a level deeper and raises me a level higher. Each area of focus drives home to me that I can level up in any circumstance and intentionally live life no matter the choices that others make. LOVE IT!

    M.L. Stay at home mom
  • I came to Wendy feeling like a fake. I was disconnected and looking for genuine human connection and a content, fulfilled life. Wendy helped me find it within myself. Every session with her builds my confidence in being able to contribute and build relationships that are meaningful, honest and genuine.

    Z.B. Male Millennial
  • I had no idea winning my mornings could actually impact the rest of my day. When I began implementing Wendy’s techniques on a consistent basis I found I had more time, got more done and even had increased energy…WITHOUT my midday coffee! I had no idea what was possible by just hiring a coach and leveling up my life!

    M.B. Business Owner
  • Being 19-and in college- I felt like I was floundering, not really knowing what I wanted long term. Doing the Clarity session with Wendy brought me into focus on my purpose. The two words are synonymous for me and I came away feeling more clear on where I wanted to head in my life. I have incredible breakthroughs with every session we have and I love how it keeps me on track with getting more of what I want out of life.

    Brian College Student
  • I LOVE my sessions with Wendy. She gets to the heart of the matter. She gives me steps and breakdowns without the craziness of overwhelm. I come away thinking “I can do this” vs. “overwhelm paralysis”. Thank you thank you!

    Mackenzie M. Life Coach

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